Here you can see a short visual of some of our products
Our products are all natural, many and varied and you need to look at the various market places where you can sell then successfully.  Your potential customers have been used to using chemical alternatives for years ... but now they are all looking for change to natural solutions.
As one of our many Distributors / Dealers / Retailers ... you will enjoy continued corporate support from our Pacific Coast Facility.  This will be your main point of contact for questions, technical and scientific information, assisting with marketing plans, fliers and Not for Profit organizational information.

We are here to help you to make a success of the business you are creating with our products ... and you will be kept fully in the bigger picture of all that's happening throughout our network by receiving regular News Letters and news of any promotions we may be running from time to time.  We like to share our Dealer's experiences and their good ideas too.


  • Pest Management and I.P.M. Programs ... both indoors and outside
  • The elimination of serious infestations, such as Bed Bugs, Roaches, Termites and more.
  • Agricultural industry for growing, soil conditioning, disease and pest control, water treatments and more.
  • Farming industry such as poultry, hogs, cattle, sheep, horses, crops and more.
  • Hospitality industry, retirement and nursing homes, hostels, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, aircraft Etc.
  • Odor control for sewerage plants, farms, landfills, recycling plants, various industries Etc.
  • Janitorial industry, carpet cleaners, duct cleaners, and more for cleaning and fire proofing with insect control.
  • Water treatments for stagnant ponds, lakes, fish farms, water drinking troughs, feeders, mosquito larvae and more.
  • Products for homes, offices, stores, retail outlets, automotive, de-greasing, cleaning, protection and more.
  • Personal health protection and hygiene products, for sports clubs, gymnasiums, salons Etc.
  • The growing industry such as fruit farms, orchards, vineyards, plantations, vegetables, shrubs and trees Etc.
  • The Pet and Animal industry with products for treatments, protection, well being, health and more.
Better business can be created from corporate accounts and repeat customers and once your customers have tried our products ... they are
almost certain to keep coming back to you for more.  They are all highly effective and they are environmentally useful in what they do.  Most people
are now searching for effective alternatives to toxic chemicals .... and this is exactly what we can offer them.  Safe, Effective, Natural alternatives.
As an International company at the forefront of innovative all natural formulations, we are proud to have developed strong and lasting relationships with numerous overseas Governments, Charitable organizations and humanitarian groups.  Our products are regularly used by these organizations and they have served to help countless thousands of people in many third world countries.

We are proud of and stand behind all of our products and as such, their production is rigidly controlled to ensure consistency of quality.  As Benjamin Franklin once stated; "The bitterness of cheap quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten"  A statement that will never apply to any of our product range.

It is said that the cure to all diseases both known and yet to be known, can be found within the plants, the flowers and the trees of Mother Earth.   This fact is being proven almost every day of every week and this is why our Scientists and the various Groups within our Organization continue to work diligently in their search for new effective formulations that can serve to make our World a better and safer place to be.