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Here ... you will find a unique and growing range of truly natural products that are suitable for many different purposes and applications.  Being a wholesale site, all products are available to purchase in "Case Lots" only and you can change the number of cases you want once you have clicked the add to cart button.  For volume users ... we can also offer many products in 55 gallon drums, with prices available upon application by email.
Pest management products are used for the elimination and eradication of insects, mites, all types of bugs and generally for the prevention of attack or infestation by all types of invasive insect to persons and property. All of our products are truly natural and contain no toxins, no chemicals, no poisons and no synthetics either.

They are safe to use, apply and store and they will never cause any harm to you, your children, your  pets, animals or our environment.  You will find however that they are more effective than any of the dangerous toxic chemical synthetic alternatives that are still being used by many non caring companies.

For professional pest management companies, just two of our products, namely Enviroguard and Insectashield, are basically all they are likely to require for almost EVERY type of infestation and  its treatment.  With most of our bio-fluid products, we will be introducing a choice of 16 ounce, 32 ounce and one gallon containers very soon.  We may also be changing some of our labels to make them more suited to the North American market, although the product names will remain the same.

Remember also that all of our products are 100% natural and as such, they can be applied safely by almost anyone, in many areas without the need for an professional PCO Applicators License

Our pest management products are known to be the most effective all natural alternatives to the numerous toxic chemical and cosmetic pesticides still being used by too many companies.  Our unique formulations have been designed to leave an ongoing residual effect, and this is just one of the features that sets us apart from other natural products.

As a company, we stand firmly behind all of our products in knowing that they will do exactly what their labels say they will do.

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Pets, Animals, Livestock
Pets, Animals, Livestock
Pets, Animals, Livestock
Pets, Animals, Livestock