EcoPurge is a unique environmentally useful formula. Extensive field applications prove its very powerful remedial characteristics that can help NEUTRALIZE a wide range of contaminants, eliminates the strongest and most offensively foul odors, controls many types of fungi, bacteria, viruses and insects. Strong enough to neutralize many toxic hydrocarbon and petroleum-based cleaners and insecticides, even sulfuric and nitric acids; yet, it is gentle enough and safe for people and pets. It can encapsulate hydrocarbons and emulsifies oil and grease. It is 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE, NON-TOXIC, NON-HAZARDOUS, NON-CORROSIVE, NON-STAINING, NON-FLAMMABLE. It contains no animal ingredients.

Cleansing Power: Deeply cleans by neutralizing contaminants, and breaking down hydrocarbons, allowing more effective penetration and stabilized natural enzymatic levels. Works naturally with the environment to encapsulate hydrocarbons and odors. Cleans, degrease and separates oil- and fats- based materials and neutralizes acids. By helping to oxygenate polluted spots, it is an effective neutralizer of many contaminants and pathogens.

Applications: The formula is used for domestic and industrial applications. It is used in grease traps, oil and fat spills or splashes, holding tanks, grease traps, drainage pipes, as a detergent in dish washers and washing machines, ovens and stoves, bathrooms tiles and curtains, carpet and upholstery shampooing, floor scrubbing, hydrogen sulfide traps, sink sludge and caked-in grease as well as help biodegrade sludge and fats, and eliminate odors in garbage bags and cans, food preparation facilities. It can also be used in neutralizing acid spills. Formula is sprayed in corners, behind and under furniture to ward off insects.
Fat Emulsification: Slight. Oil molecules do not form a tight emulsion with the cleaning solution.
Dispersant Capability: Low. Cleaned oil, for example, does not stay entrained in water.
Residue: No residue after rinsing.

pH: 7.3 in concentrate form.
Flash Point: Negligible.
Boiling Point: Greater than 212F.
Odor: Mild citrus smell. Does not contain d-limonenes.
Water Solubility: Complete.
Shelf Life: Indefinite when stored in closed containers between 32F and 120F.

Environmental and Safety Considerations
Biodegradability: 100%.
Hazardous No components are listed in NIOSH Recommendations for Occupational Health Standards, 1988 or defined

Components: as hazardous by SARA, CERLA, or RCRA. No OSHA PEL’s are established for ingredients.
Handling: Formula is alkaline. In concentrated form Formula will remove oil from the skin and may irritate the eyes if sprayed directly into them. Eye protection, gloves, and impervious clothing should be worn when there is danger of splashing, prolonged vapor or skin contact especially in cases of possible chemical reactions.
Disposal: Formula may be disposed through municipal systems. Contaminants and Oil cleaned from surfaces must be disposed following local regulations.

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