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Dr. Abel-Rahman Mohamed, Ph.D., M.Sc.

A dedicated Technology Transfer expert, Dr. Mohamed has specialized in Interdisciplinary Cognitive and Development Communication, the science mediating human knowledge. As an accomplished scientist, scholar, communications, business and development practitioner, Dr. Mohamed has dedicated the application of his knowledge to the improvement of human quality of life for individuals and communities in developing countries across the World.

Standing on a long familial tradition of the historical knowledge of Nubian natural and herbal Sciences, Dr. Mohamed has coined the philosophical motto of AIM International, “Solving Chronic Problems Naturally”. Furthermore, he had received training in a six European Countries in Perfumery and Chemical Manufacturing Management. That coupled with his modern scientific knowledge and practice, enabled him to consult for many leading International corporations and institutions. His technical presentations to International bodies have included regional summits, the United Nations and World Bank. Among the many technologies he has promoted, Dr. Mohamed is credited with introducing Voice Recognition Technology to Africa and the Middle East, as well as popularizing Satellite telecommunications and broadcasts.

Currently, he is the CEO of the Boston-based AIM International, Inc., a strategic cooperative alliance group specializing in the transfer of safe and innovative technology to developing countries. Dr. Mohamed was a Board Member of NAPATA and is the Honorary President of NUBIA, an international alliance of Nubians in the Diaspora to resurrect the glorious achievements of the now devastated and forgotten cradle of human civilization. Dr. Mohamed also served as a Board Member of the African Communities Economic Development Of New England ACEDONE. He sat on the Community Ethics Committee of Harvard University Teaching Hospitals. He also served as a Special Guest Professor at the Boston Theological Institute, the Consortium of Boston main Universities’ Schools of Theology and Religion, and co-taught the pioneering interfaith course, Abrahamic Family Reunion at Boston College.

As a leading African and Middle Eastern intellectual, Dr. Mohamed played important social and political roles. His contributions, interviews and articles by and about him, appeared in newspapers and magazines and on radio and television worldwide. He has had extensive experience with non-government and voluntary “Third World” and International development organizations, including a specialist status in the United Nations Social Development division. Dr. Mohamed chaired the Cultural Exchange Committee of Sudan’s National Council for Literature and the Arts and he is a founding developer of Khartoum University Press and People’s Knowledge Project, He is also a much sought after motivational speaker.

As the first Third World Professor of Mass Communication in the Boston University’s College of Communication 1987-1995, Dr. Mohamed simultaneously held Associate Faculty positions in the Center for International Relations, African Studies Center, as well as the African-American Studies Center. He taught Development and Technology Transfer. A founding pioneer of the International Environmentalist Movement and Health Communication Programs, Dr. Mohamed also served as an academic adviser in the BU’s Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program of the Institute of International Education and lectured in the USIA sponsored training programs for businessmen, senior governments executives, journalists and newsmen from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. In Sudan, he taught history and politics of Africa and the Middle East.

Dr. Mohamed earned his interdisciplinary Development Doctoral degree from BU’s University Professor’s Program. He earned a Master of Science at Boston University’s School of Public Communication in Publishing, Advertising and Marketing Management. At the University of Khartoum, he studied history, philosophy, political science, languages and law. He is a naturalized US Citizen on the basis of permanent residency in the immigration category of “Outstanding Professor” and he is the recipient of many honors including a 1993 Boston University Recognition, a 1992 and 1994 nomination for Excellence in Teaching, the Graduate Student’s special award for “Excellence in and devotion to Teaching”, a University of Khartoum citation for the pioneering contributions to the reestablishment and management of the Khartoum University Press, Historical Society’s First Prize Award for “Best Research of The Year” and World University Service’s BMA “Best Member Award.

As an accomplished sports person he played professional first division soccer and basket ball, and was Captain of University of Khartoum Soccer and Basket Ball teams. He was the Inter-Faculty (College) MVP in 1966. Professor Mohamed is also an artist and a poet.




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