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The benefits of our Community Environment Program for every type of "Not for Profit" organization are endless. Our system allows organizations to generate substantial fund raising revenues on an ongoing basis, while simultaneously providing tremendous benefits to your community and your customers everywhere.

    You will be offering them access to purchase a wide range of truly natural and environmentally useful products that can help their health, their well being, their pets, their homes and offices, their gardens and yards, and much more.  So instead of selling candy bars or simply asking for donations, you are giving them an opportunity to purchase from a choice of products they are more than like to want to have.  All of our products have been tried, tested and proven to be highly effective and genuinely all natural and most of them have been used for many years to help people in numerous "Third World" countries.

    There is no limit to how much revenue you can generate for your organization and the money you receive is given to you as an official donation. The beauty of our system is that your customers are more than likely to remain your customers and they will want to purchase our product from you again and again, so basically you will be creating an ongoing system for repeat orders and residual incomes. Each registered organization is provided with a unique identification number and individual account, to ensure that all of your sales are correctly credited to you.

    This program is open to all registered Not for Profit organizations worldwide, from boys and girls clubs, to churches, first responders, charities and other such organizations. It can work very well for you.

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