- Automotive Anti-Heat TM
Anti-Heat is an all natural automotive product that has been well tried and testing in all types of vehicle and in all types of weather conditions including extreme heat and cold.  The difference it will make to your vehicle is quite incredible with one Taxi cab company test showing savings on gas of over $3,200.00 in one year of using Anti-Heat in the radiator.


The Safest and Most Effective Engine Coolant


ANTI-HEAT™ is suitable For:
All types of car, truck, tractors, heavy construction vehicles, race and high
performance vehicles; even trains ... whether diesel or gas.

In light of growing concerns about the extremely serious hazards and highly toxic
dangers of widely used formulas of Anti-Freeze, the AIM International's Automotive Technology
Group and the Environmental Technology Group are introducing a new alternative that is 100%
natural, ANTI-HEAT™ Engine Maximizer© as a solution for engine over-heating, short life of
engines, high fuel consumption and associated pollution of the environment from exhaust fumes.
It is an excellent addition to the Nature's Miracle's growing line of products that benefit the

ANTI-HEAT™ is a revolutionary and unique cooling system additive, which is designated for
extremely hot climates, especially in slow-moving traffic, and long periods of engine idle.

It is also ideal for engines that work for long hours, as in factories, farm machinery, taxi cabs,
police cars, ambulances, travel buses, service fleets, shipping trucks and public transport. While
the environmentally devastating and highly toxic Anti-Freeze does not cool,
ANTI-HEAT™ is exceptionally safe, true coolant, and environmentally useful de-contaminant.

The ANTI-HEAT™ formula which is based on organic edible plants extracts, absolutely non-
toxic, completely bio-degradable, and non-corrosive or staining. It has no negative effects on
engines, gaskets,hoses, connections, roads or soil. Actually, it helps dissolving deposits and
clean clogged-up radiators.ANTI-HEAT™ is less slippery and dries faster than water. Another
benefit of ANTI-HEAT™ is helping clean oil spills.

Added once into the radiator, ANTI-HEAT™ is good for over 250,000 miles or until radiator is
flushed out.  ANTI-HEAT™ has strong thermal stabilizing capabilities which enable the water
to act as a "Heat Sink " that absorbs heat more efficiently, removing dramatic amounts of heat
from internal engine parts by efficiently transferring all excessive heat into the radiator rapidly,
while reducing water and oil temperatures by up to 35oF. and the hot spots by up to 40oF,
depending on the type of car, condition and humidity level. During the early stages of engine
start- and warm-up, the formula transfers heat more evenly throughout the engine. Thus, it
reduces warm-up time, cold start-up, wear and tear associated with such conditions.

When engines reach normal operating temperatures, ANTI-HEAT™ formula begins to exhibit
its unique thermal capabilities -- stretching the threshold of more power and better fuel balanced
management. Water which is mixed with ANTI-HEAT™ formula, absorbs heat faster, it can also
shed the heat through the radiator rapidly. B y dissolving clogs and eliminating or reducing steam
pockets in the engine's water passage, ANTI-HEAT reduces temperature in engine bay and
passenger compartment, lowering Air Conditioning System's duct temperature of by up to 35oF.
Tests results confirmed an overall engine temperature reduction of 30oF in the street cars and up
to 35oF in race cars. By reducing engine temperature sharply, ANTI-HEAT, thus, reduces engine
wear, oil and fuel consumption by 9.8-12% and much more in certain cases. That also reduces
the chance of oil breaking down and resulting in poor lubrication that would destroy the
engines. In turn, all those benefits combined help cut down pollution significantly by up to 40+%
and reduce NOx exhaust emission by up to 63%. By adding Anti-Heat to your vehicle's
radiator, it could be one of the best investments you could make in your vehicle.

As the exclusive coolant of choice in the extreme environment of many American car racing tracks, the ANTI-HEAT™ formula, as one driver pointed out "It did the job for us, allowing us to lean the fuel mixture, conserve fuel and maintain water and oil temperature in the proper range."

In the USA, ANTI-HEAT™ formula is used extensively in almost all of the car races, and also used in ambulances, public transport, police cars, garbage collection trucks, taxis, tractors, factory and farm water-cooled machinery, as well as cooling tower systems. It can be safely added to any type of engine by mixing it with water alone, water and anti-freeze mixture and it can also be used in gas or diesel engines without any side effects on the system, additives or people.