AgriCure™: Uses, Benefits and Applications.

AgriCure™ helps rehabilitate soil, increase yield, reduce the use of fertilizers, insecticides and plant maturation time. Made from edible plant-base natural mineral salts, AgriCureNEUTRALIZES a wide-range of contaminants: It eradicates/controls many types of pathogens, fungi, algae, bacteria; and insects: weevils, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, flees, and ticks, eliminates the strongest and most offensively foul odors. AgriCure™ also neutralizes toxic fertilizers, petroleum by-products and insecticides as well as enhances the Photosynthesis process, immune system, health and growth of plants.

™ is organic, Non-flammable, Non-toxic, Non-Allergenic, Non-Oxidative, Non-corrosive, 100% Water Soluble, Biodegradable, Non-staining, Leaves no permanent residues, safe to store, handle and use. Conventional methods of spraying toxic dust and chemicals are dangerous to farmers, their families, their animals, the environment and even to the plants themselves. These dangers extend to rendering the plants and their yield toxic to the consumers. Yet, the lasting effects of these dangers would linger for decades. AgriCure™ usually neutralizes and reverses many of those types of dangerous effects. AgriCure™ is characterized by being:

1- Environmentally beneficial as a bio-fertilizer that helps rebuild Plants Immune System: Past use of inorganic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on plants, weaken, damage or completely destroy the plants' defense mechanisms, leaving the plants more vulnerable to harmful organisms. When AgriCure™ is used, it helps rebuild the immune system of the plant and increases its potency. Furthermore, by breaking down the hydrocarbons, AgriCure™ strengthens the roots, allowing them to absorb nutrients in the soil more quickly and efficiently; thereby producing healthier fruit bearing plants. Furthermore, by containing secondary nutrients, it plays the crucial role of maintaining the soil's pH.

2- Acts naturally to repel and control insect infestation and protects against stem, roots, leaves and fruit damage by insects and pathogens. AgriCure™ efficiently combats root rot, maggots, worms, beetles and aphids. This capability enhances the plants' opportunity for more protected and healthier growth.

3- AgriCure™ also neutralizes acid rain and balances the pH of the soil. Where there is high rainfall and the soil tends to become acid, the use of AgriCure™ is very important in maintaining the soils pH that is beneficial to the plants.

4- When mixed with compost or organic manure, AgriCure™ acts to prevent formation and emission of foul odors. Similarly, it protects against infestation by insects, mites, smut and fungi. This is very significant when applying such fertilizers to soil or plants. Not only does it prevent the usual introduction of contaminants, but it will also protect against potential attacks and infestation by insects and pathogenic micro-organisms.

5- AgriCure™ posses Preservative Qualities, by which seeds, bulbs and chicken eggs are protected. Shipping, storage and/or shelf life of fruits and vegetables are extended by up to 3 weeks when washed with diluted solution of AgriCure™. When combined with AgriGuard™, AgriCure™, further increases shelf life of produce and eliminate pathogenic microbes. This is a significant advantage over previously used methods, in which most fruits and vegetables are spoiled by the time they arrive at sales centers or export ports. Similarly, when seeds and bulbs are treated with AgriCurePlus™ and left to dry, they do not rot or get destroyed by insects. Actually, when germinated, residues of the solution get dissolved by water and create a protective zone around the germinating seed, thus, protecting it from rot, pathogens and insects. It also provides the budding plants with a quick shot of natural boost that increases its nutritional intake and enhances its auto-immune defense system. A similar effect happens when chicken eggs are treated. Successful hatching of disease-free chicks is maximized.

6- Aerial application of chemical pesticides usually treats only the surface of leaves; leaving bottom parts vulnerable [the canopy effect]. When AgriCure™ and AgriGuard™ solution in ionized water is sprayed, it covers all around the plant leaves and completely destroys insects and pathogens, especially stubborn fungi such as rust and black patch.

7- AgriCure™ is potently effective in reducing or inhibiting growth of harmful fungi and other microorganisms. When AgriCure™ is used with AgriGuard™ in ionized water in greenhouses, mildew, fungus, algae, bacteria or other pathogens or microorganisms cannot develop freely.

When AgriCure™ is used in Rice Farming, water in the fields being planted will be (a) dramatically freer from disease-carrying parasites and harmful insects, (b) There will be far less or no foul odors from the water, (c) The plugs will be protected until they grow healthy and strong, (d) There will be a sharp decrease in the mortality rate of plants, usually caused by disease and insect infestation, (e) The growth cycle of the patties will be shortened, (f) The rice patties will grow to be more plentiful and healthier, (g) As would be expected a healthy and more plentiful yield will be harvested as pristine crops.

Applications in Banana and Plantain Farming produce an abundance of green, healthy and far larger leaves resulting in larger canopy and trees that produce larger and healthier looking fruits. AgriCure™ completely controls Siatoca fungus and the Cochinilla insect. It also protects the plants by safely reducing the plant and fruit smell which attract insects; thus controls infestation and also repels insects.

A combination of AgriCure™ and AgriCurePlus™proved the most effective in combating the stem-borers, such as "Red Weevil" by killing the eggs larvae and the full insects inside the tunnel, on the surface, branches, or hiding in the stem crevasses. AgriCure™ is also effective in preventing insects from smelling sap or aroma of the tree; thus, reducing or eliminating potential attacks. Simultaneously, AgriCure™ neutralizes and prevents Red Spiders from attacking the fruits, especially close to ripening time when any other insecticides can not be used. Similarly, AgriCure™ eliminates Al-Lafha Al-Soda "Black Patch" Fungus Thielaviopssis Paradoxa, Ceratlocystis Paradoxa] and Alternaria Sp. Furthermore, AgriCure™ washes away hydrocarbons and soot, exposing chlorophyll to sun-light, which enhances photo-synthesis that in turn, increases firmness of the stem and add to the potency of the immune system. Similarly, watering plants with diluted AgriCure™ at the ratio of 1 part to 50 parts of water, will destroy insects buried next to the stem, their eggs, larvae, maggots, nematodes, or grubs. Although feeding trees diluted AgriCure™ may change the character of the sap and make it uninviting to insects, yet it won't change the tree or its fruit. On the contrary it will make the fruits taste better.

Results from applications in Palm Trees, Bananas, Potatoes, Grape Vines, Citrus Fruits, etc. have all indicated that plants' immune system are greatly enhanced after using AgriCure™ consistently for a 3 months period, while at the same time growth of fungus and pathogenic microorganism are reduced. These same treatment and results will apply to most other varieties of tree, shrub and crops, depending on adjusted ratios to water.

The most dramatic and significantly unique application, is the use of AgriCure™ and AgriCurePlus™ at the time when the fruits are about to ripe, which is the time when Ants and Red Spider Mites attack fruits like Grapes, dates, figs, etc. Because of the closeness of the time of eating such fresh fruits, it becomes impossible to use any other insecticide safely. Here, comes the greatest benefit of having an extremely effective, yet absolutely safe insect eradicator such as AgriCure™ and AgriCurePlus™ which does not only neutralize insects, but also repel them, deny them feeding and break their growth cycle.