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Neither profit margins nor market shares are the main concerns of AIM International, Inc., the Boston-based corporation. AIM International, Inc. [American Innovations Marketing International Corporation] was initiated by scientists, technocrats, businessmen, and scholars from the "Global South" or Developing Countries. It was established in 1989 and incorporated in Massachusetts in 1990 as a cooperative alliance-network of innovative manufacturers, inventors and distributors with the exclusive mission of transferring useful and safe American innovative technologies, services and products for daily life necessities to promote positive transformation in the Developing World. The central focus is reflected by the company's motto: "Solving Chronic Problems Naturally."

AIM has already provided decisive solutions for some of the most chronic "Third World" problems such as the Screw-Worm fly that devastates herds of cattle, sheep and goats, as well as human beings, all across the tropical world. AIM also is providing solutions for many problems of insect and fungal infestation of fruits and vegetables from before planting to the time of their harvest when chemicals cannot be used. Similarly, AIM has presented the most significant successes in the fields of health. In health, AIM is striving to break the cycle of devastating diseases such a malaria, bilharsia, guinea worm, river blindness, cholera, hepatitis, and Pandemics with the uniquely most potent Natural broad-spectrum antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal sanitizing disinfectant, that is even safe to ingest.

“This is not at all a day dreaming,” Says Mark E. Pelosky, Esq., who had spent many years working in the Peace Corp in Africa and in development projects and democratization programs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, “These products are all well integrated with nature, as they all come from it. No wonder then that they are all extremely effective and represent real successful solution.”

Such success is reflected in the statement of a veteran of the oil industry. "I have spent most of my professional life in oil refineries, dry docks and cleaning of oil tankers and storage tanks," Says Eng. Tariq of Bahrain, "This PetroCure is like nothing I have seen in my life. It opens clogged pipelines, cleans storage tanks, prevents crack fires, reactivates drying up wells and decontaminates from oil spills. It will revolutionize the oil industry and save millions of dollars." Pipelines clogging, "cracker explosions", cleaning of tankers and storage tanks, as well as decontamination from oil spills is now easier to solve than ever before. By using AIM's plants-based technology, time, money, and most importantly - the environment will be spared.

"After over twenty years of intensive efforts and multimillions in expenses, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have found out that all other international products - including American ones are incapable of helping to eradicate the Red Weevils that infests and destroys Date-Palm Trees," points out Engineer Ahmed Omar Salih, of Riyadh, a man who is credited with effectively dealing with a number of agricultural problems, “These AgriCurePlus and AgriGuard, represent a hopeful solution for this chronic problem of the Red-Weevils and other Palm diseases. Furthermore, they simultaneously eliminate nematodes, red spider-mites and stubborn fungi such as Thielaviopssis Paradoxa, Ceratlocystis Paradoxa and Alternaria. Thus, right here are savings of millions of Dollars every year which have been wasted on toxic insecticides and fungicides."

Engineer Ghassan Ayyoub of Kuwait cites the astonishment of a Kuwaiti official and his comments upon seeing the protective, flame retardation of EcoGuard Plus™. The Senior Civil Defense official exclaimed "This cannot be only science! It must be blended with magic!"

In bringing services and products of creative inventors and innovative manufacturers to consumers in the developing world, AIM scrutinizes three criteria: (1) New inventiveness, (2) Need for and usefulness, (3) Safety for people and their environment.

The Corporate office in Boston is the "Hub" or "Organizational Manager" of this Dynamic Network Organization. AIM focuses on developing extended networks of highly competent experts in diverse specialties to respond to a variety of tasks throughout the world with the highest efficiency and most cost effective performance. The alliance is a loose integration of independent companies and individuals who supplement and compliment each others unique mastery of their specific fields. Through research, information analysis, and data integration AIM's ten Technology Groups maximize their efficiency in applications and projects to develop further specialized competence that enables
them to choose the right match for the job.

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- Quality Counts

We are fortunate to have  highly qualified and totally dedicated Scientists, Formulators and Applicators all of whom work diligently to ensure the highest standards and levels of quality control.

We pride ourselves in having some of the latest and most innovatively unique technologies, to insure efficacy and supreme quality of products. This also serves to ensure the ongoing satisfaction enjoyed by all of our many customers.

We know that the World does not revolve around us -- yet we know that poisons and toxins are now revolving around our World. They are causing immeasurable harm, devastation and even death to people, animals plants and nature. Our main AIM is: Help Stop This.
As a cooperative alliance of creative inventors, innovative manufacturers and experts, AIM is a realization of a "Global South" network of scientists and scholars to transfer safe and useful technology to promote development. AIM is The World's Supermarket of Innovations©, "Solving chronic problems naturally"©.

Aspiring to provide solutions to everyday life necessities, AIM concentrates its focus on ten Technology Groups that offer the specialized range of services and/or products. These are:

• Agricultural Technology
• Automotive Technology
• Communications Technology
• Environmental Technology
• Health Technology
• Management Technology
• Micro-Elect Technology
• Safety Technology
• Solar Technology
• Water Technology

You can find out more about our various groups and enterprises, by clicking on the appropriate group link shown in the column to the left.
"Thus, we can be far globally larger than many multi-national corporations, while flexibly independent and decentralized -- distinct characteristics that multinational corporations lack," Says Prof. Mohamed AIM's CEO. "Yet, while they (MNC) lack commitment and dedication, we uphold devotion as a duty and moral obligation. Accordingly, our responses are always faster, our performance more efficient, and our short and long term costs are far less expensive. How many stubbornly chronic problems we solve and how much positive impact we bring in the lives of suffering people in the developing world and their environment are the measure of our success," proceeds Prof. Mohamed proudly.

Dr. Mohamed, a former Boston University Professor of International and Interdisciplinary Development and Communication, was elated to receive an invitation from the US Department of Commerce informing him that AIM was selected as the only company from Massachusetts to participate in a Trade Development Mission Delegation to North Africa. "For Prof. Mohamed, this opportunity represented an acknowledgement of many long continuous years of hard work, solid R&D and dedication to the cause of transferring useful, needed and safe innovative technology to those who need them most," says Attorney Mark Pelosky, AIM's Coordinator of International Agreements "This selection confers a great deal of credibility on our efforts and unique natural products. Furthermore, it actually proved to those many doubters who have accused us of Intellectual Idealism that quality and commitment matter - they are definitely winners."

"Two sources of my continued inspiration have been: the brilliant and enthusiastic students from. Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East," Says Prof. Mohamed reminiscing about his 9 years of teaching at Boston University, "Not only did they want to learn; but they were also very eager to help their countries and communities." Therefore, one of the most rewarding feelings for me personally is to learn that many of the group and classroom projects, master theses and final projects which I supervised during my teaching career have been implemented in countries like Venezuela, Columbia, Jordan, Malaysia, Southern Africa, etc.

"What can we say more than being referred to by the Assistant Secretary and Director General of the US Department of Commerce as one "of US Best Companies in technology and efficiency" says  exulted attorney Pelosky.